About Joe


Having grown up here, attending Somerville Public Schools, there was never a doubt that I would come back after graduating from Boston College to start my career.  My parents, grandmother, uncles, aunts, and cousins all live here.  I am an owner of a two-family home on High Street, which I share with my brother Mike and his wife Elizabeth.


Raised to be an active member of society, I mediated differences in High School and mentored children through the Big Brother Association in college.  After college, I was the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Department of Economic Development for Governor Deval Patrick.  Today, I help business leaders navigate the complexities of government to create jobs and opportunities.


I want to use the skills I have learned to help make Somerville a better place to live and work -  from development issues, to the environment, to education, to city services - every one of us deserves to be heard and respected.


That’s why I am running for Ward 7 Alderman.

Committee to Elect Joe Capuano
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